Newlong DS-9C Looper 033121

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Newlong DS-9C Looper 033121

Looper for the Newlong DS-9C sewing machine. The DS-9C bag closing machine is used to sew paper bags of potatoes or poly woven bags containing animal feeds, fertilizer, rice, grass seed, dried beans, chemicals, coal, and wood pellets. The Newlong DS-9C sewing head can also be used to package sifting products such as flour and spices. 

Looper helps form the stitch

Looper to needle alignment is essential for making a good stitch

If the looper is out of adjustment, the stitch may not hold - or you may break the needle

Looper also fits the Newlong DS-9A sewing head

DS-9C requires 1 piece

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# 033121 Looper

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