GNP-7A portable bag closer

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GNP-7A bag closer is a sturdy, portable machine for closing bags containing animal feeds, fertilizer, potatoes, grass seed, spices, chemicals, coal, pellets and coffee beans. The GNP-7A bag closer is also effective for making sand bags and construction / paint curtains. It can be used to close paper bags of potatoes, woven poly bags of fertilizer and burlap bags of coffee beans. The bag closer provides a single thread chain stitch closure - which means you can open the bag easily by pulling the thread.

GNP-7A portable bag closer with below features: 

1. Automatic lubrication method to each transmission part to reduce wear and failure.

2. Advanced technology, high-quality materials and high-precision manufacturing and assembly.

3. The high-speed motor works stably for a long time without heating or malfunction, which improves the production efficiency.

150~200 bags/min
Paper・Jute・PP bag for cereals, feed, others
Seam width:
8.5mm (fixed) 1-thread single seam
Cutting type:
Built-in scissor style
Needle Size:
DN×1 #25
Thread specifications:
20/6 nylon thread
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